Massage by McCallum and other introspective services
Sarah McCallum NVMT 7585


Sarah is amazing. She creates a relaxing and professional atmosphere while providing amazing results. I feel so much better every time I leave her table! She’s simply the best. -Madison Burrows

I booked an Akashic Record Healing session with Sarah and was very impressed by her intuitive and discerning skill. I didn't quite know what to expect, but Sarah calmly walked me through a thoughtful meditation, the reading of my record and an explanation of it's relevance to my life. In addition, she happily answered any questions I had after a brief time to process all that she had shared. The experience was spirituality insightful and emotionally uplifting. -Naomi Joy

I’ve had many massages in my life and Sarah listens to your concerns, works on problem areas, has amazing intuition and flow. She’s a true healer! I was literally in a trance when she worked on me. -Denisa Karpaty


I don’t leave reviews, she just so good! It’s so important to have someone with grounded, positive energy. Professional, intuitive, grounded and Amazing! -Tanya Rose